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Application and Admission Questions

What are the required qualifications?

Applicants are required to hold at least a 4-year Bachelor degree with minimum of a 3.0 GPA, and between eight and twenty years of professional experience and significant management experience with demonstrated English proficiency. Each candidate will be reviewed as a unique individual and the sum of his or her experiences evaluated during the admissions process.

Do I have to take the GMAT?

The GMAT is not a mandatory requirement. Because we limit the size of each class to approximately 40 participants, we are able to evaluate each applicant on an individual and very personal basis. However, applicants must demonstrate an ability to successfully complete quantitative course work. Candidates without demonstrated success in undergraduate or graduate quantitative course work may be asked to demonstrate abilities in other ways (e.g., GMAT).

Are there any pre-skill courses I can take to be ready for the program?

We require that you complete prep courses in finance, accounting, statistics and business mathematics. You will successfully complete an online exam in each area prior to the start of the program. Information regarding these learning modules will be sent via mail once a deposit is received.

If I cannot join the class I applied for, do I have to go through the application process again for the next year?

This program builds one cohort each year. If you miss the current cohort, you can join the cohort next year without going through the application process. However, a formal request of deferral should be made to the school beforehand. If you want to join the cohort the third year, you have to go through the application again. All students have five years within which to complete all degree requirements and graduate from the program. Tuition of the new cohort will be applicable.

Who in my company should I talk to about sponsoring me?

Choosing to take part in an Executive MBA program is about your own personal growth, as well as how your participation can help the company grow. Seek out support at the highest levels – not just your immediate supervisor – and be ready to point out the extra benefits of the Smith Executive Program, specifically the Action Learning Project.

How do I explain the program benefits to my company?

While most executive education programs talk about students being able to immediately apply newfound knowledge to workplace situations, Smith makes such a connection even more immediate and relevant. From the start, the Action Learning Project allows participants to tackle a real time issue facing their company as part of their coursework. The company will have a team of Executive MBA students and Smith faculty applying knowledge and manpower to company issues. This is more than just an immediate return on investment from the sponsored employee – the company is essentially receiving full-blown consulting services at a minimal price. In addition, the Mastery coursework will have an immediate impact on your managerial and leadership skills.